How to Get a Travel Agent License in Florida?

Florida is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States that has been a desired tourist destination among worldwide travelers for a decade. The reason is its attractions, beautiful weather, and other things. All these things also attract people to invest in Florida especially travel-related services. It is one of the best places for investments for those who are either already running their travel business or want to become a travel agent. So, if you are living outside the state and want to sell travel-related services in Florida, then you must go through a travel agent registration process.

Requirements for Florida Travel Agent 

If you want to sell your travel-related services in Florida, then you don’t require any license from the state of Florida; you only need to register yourself the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) as a seller of travel. Whenever you complete the registration process to get a travel agent license in Florida, you will have to complete the below requirements:

  • You can complete the application form by downloading it from the official FDACS website for sellers of travel.
  • You need to provide the required details in the downloaded form to apply for a seller of travel.
  • You will require to pay the application fee, which is currently $300 after completing the application form.
  • You will have to purchase a bond of Florida seller of services for the surety that you will provide the legal services.
  • You must be submitted the supporting documents if a vacation certificate will be offered to you as a seller of travel.

How much does it cost to get a travel agent license in Florida?

Whenever you apply for a travel agent license in Florida, you will have to pay a certain amount per the FDAS rules. You need to pay an application fee for an online travel agent in Florida that starts from $300 and could be more if you sell vacation certificates. You could also be charged if you purchase a travel agency bond that means all the funds are transferred to the proper recipients. Travel agents can renew their yearly premium for the bond, which is usually 1 to 10 percent of the total amount of the bond. You can also visit the official website and check the estimated cost to get a travel agent license.

Is it mandatory having a Florida travel agency bond?

Yes, it is mandatory having a valid travel agency bond for a travel agent who wants to sell travel-related services in Florida. Whenever you get a travel agent license in Florida, you must apply for a travel agency bond which is quite important as per the state of Florida for varied purposes. The main motive of a travel agency bond is to ensure that a travel agent is providing its services as per the Florida Sellers of Travel Act. If any consumer finds any illegal thing or harm, it will help them claim as per the rules. The applicable payable amount for a travel agent is $50000 offering a vacation certificate, and for all other travel agents, it is $25000. You can pay that amount online or using any preferred mode provided by FDAS or the State of Florida.

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