How much does Avianca Charge for Overweight Baggage?

Suppose you are shifting from a foreign country to your native place via Avianca airlines, and you have a lot of excess baggage and are worried about the charges and the procedure to carry your luggage. In that case, you can use the information provided in the following section carefully. If you have any doubts regarding your overweight bags, dial the Avianca customer service number and clarify all your doubts. Customers must also go through Avianca's heavy baggage policies.

What is overweight baggage?

If the weight of your bag exceeds the maximum limit of allowed weight which is 23 kg per piece, then your luggage is considered overweight. 

What are Avianca's baggage policies?

Avianca has framed important guidelines for passengers carrying luggage. The travelers must obey that to avoid any last-moment hassle. Important highlights are described below:

  • Travelers can carry one suitcase and one personal item as check-in baggage. A unique item can be anything like a laptop bag, purse, or small package under the dimension of 14*10*18 inches. 
  • The dimension of the carry-on baggage must be under the limit of 14x22x10 inches. 
  • You can carry checked-in luggage of 158 maximum cm, which comprises all lengths, widths, and heights. And the weight of the bag should be under 23 kg. 
  • You can carry sports equipment like tennis equipment, bowling, fishing, and archery equipment with you in the cabin. The allowed dimensions are 115 cm & weight must be under 10kg. 
  • If you wish to carry a surfing board, it must be approximately 2 meters. 

How many charges will be paid to the airline if the weight limit exceeds it? 

If you are searching Avianca charges for overweight baggage, Then you must go through the information provided below:

  • If you add additional sports items at the airport, you must pay a fee of USD 35 for domestic destinations and USD 105 for international trips. At the same time, if you add an extra bag online, you need to pay USD 25 and 80 for domestic and international destinations, respectively. 
  • USD 35 to 350 must be paid online or at the airport for additional bags by the passengers, depending on their destination and distance. Also, the price varies according to the number of bags added.
  • If the weight of your carry-on bag exceeds the described limit, it will be termed as "hold luggage," It can be carried by paying an additional fee of $100 online or $120 at the airport.   

What are the different ways to add additional bags? 

Customers can follow any of the below-mentioned alternatives to add extra luggage during their journey:

  • Add bags online: While online check-in or after ticket purchase, customers can manage their booking by navigating to additional services and adding extra bags. 
  • Reach customer services to request additional luggage: Customers must dial the Avianca customer service phone number to use this option. As the call gets responded to by a representative, you must provide your traveling details and extra luggage information. 
  • Add extra baggage at the airport: Customers must reach the airport early and locate the baggage counter of Avianca and request to add their excess luggage.
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