How Many Bags are Allowed in Flydubai?

Get Aware of Baggage Allowance in Flydubai

If you are wondering about the limitations or the quantity of bags allowed in Flydubai, take them and get aboard without experiencing any trouble. Because the airline imposes fees for exceeding the baggage limits. So, you are suggested to go through the discussion in order to get aware of the same:

Learn the baggage policy of Flydubai

There is always expected from passengers to know about the baggage policy in which baggage allowance, over exceeding, etc., is mentioned. You are suggested to read out the points mentioned below:

Checked baggage

  • You are permitted to carry three bags, and they should not exceed the limit of 75 cm x 55 cm x 35 cm. (For Economy Class). 
  • In a Business class, carry three bags not weighing more than 32 KG/bag, and its size must be 75 cm x 55 cm x 35 cm.
  • If you have an infant, you can check in with a 10 KG bag and a handbag with a maximum weight of 5 KG. 
  • You can purchase Extra-baggage services from Flydubai and 20, 30, and 40 kg of baggage from them. But it depends on the availability of space. 

Carry-on baggage

There are separate terms and limitations for carry-on luggage on flydubai, and for that, you are recommended to read out the points mentioned below:

  • You can carry one personal item and 1 carry-on baggage without incurring a fee to the airline. 
  • For economy class, the bag must not exceed 7 kg limits while it is 15 KG for Business class ticket holders. 
  • The size must be within or lower than 56 CM x 45 CM x 25 CM per bag. 
  • If you have any doubt, you are suggested to dial flydubai Customer Service Phone Number +922 111 122 5539. 
  • This baggage must fit in the overhead bin, and you are requested to follow the terms and conditions set by the airline to avoid any additional charges imposed by the airline. 

How can you get an extra baggage allowance?

There are instances when passengers plan a trip with their family, and their luggage is relatively tiny, so they plan to carry more stuff. Flydubai allows you to request extra airline baggage, but for that, there is a certain fee charged by the airline. You are advised to follow the steps:

  • Visit the official website of Flydubai. 
  • Tap on Manage your booking under the section Manage. 
  • Enter all the required details and choose your flight. 
  • Once you are there, you will find the option to purchase additional baggage. 
  • Make the payment (if asked) and tap on the continue to end the process.

What are the charges imposed by the airline for exceeding baggage limits?

For better clearance, passengers are always suggested to be aware of all the charges imposed by the airline for exceeding baggage limits. You are advised to read out the points:

  • Usually, the airline charges begin from $15 and can go up to $90, and this price range may vary from flight to flight and its nature. 
  • In case of clarification, you must reach out to the flydubai Phone Number (+971) 600 54 44 45, and an executive will be assigned to provide you with resolutions to all of your queries so you can utilize the services to the best. 
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