How Long are Aer Lingus Refunds Taking?

A Quick Details About the Aer Lingus Refund Policy

Aer Lingus provides seamless services and flexible policies to its customers globally. Talking about its refund policy, you can cancel the flight ticket and get a refund anytime. You can claim your refund by submitting the refund request form online and calling the airline on the phone.

If you wonder, how long are Aer Lingus refunds taking? The answer is once the application is submitted, it takes 7-10 days to get a refund from the airline. Moreover, it might vary depending on your original form of payment and your bank rules. 

Let's Check Out How to Get a Refund from Aer Lingus

  • Firstly go to the official site of Aer Lingus and locate the Manage trip section on the homepage.
  • On the Manage trip section, you can enter the booking reference and names of passengers. 
  • Click on the Manage trip button and access your booking details
  • Select the booking you need to cancel and click on the cancel reservation button
  • After the ticket is canceled, go to the refund page of the airlines
  • Please fill out the refund request form available on the page and submit it
  • The airline will process the amount eligible for a refund in the original form of payment 

You can also connect with Aer Lingus to process the refund on your behalf. Besides, after submitting the refund request form, the Aer Lingus refund time takes 7-10 days. The airline will notify you when the refund is processed. 

The above procedure is applicable for tickets booked directly from Aer Lingus. If you purchase the ticket from a third party, you will have to contact them directly. If you want your refund from Aer Lingus, you must also learn about its refund policy to avoid hassle and additional charges. Here are highlights of the refund policy of Aer Lingus; you can check it out.

The Refund Policy of Aer Lingus Airlines

  • If you book the flight with Aer Lingus directly, you can cancel and get a refund anytime by filling out the refund request form.
  • If you travel to/from the U.S, you are allowed to get a full refund by canceling your flight within 24 hours of booking. In this case, you must book your flight 7 days or more before the departure.
  • If you fail to complete the cancellation formalities within 24 hours of booking, you might have to bear the cancellation charge based on the ticket type.
  • You must complete the cancellation formalities up to two hours before the departure; else, the money associated with your ticket is forfeited except for government tax.
  • As per the Aer Lingus refund policy, the airline processes your refund in the original payment form within 7- 10 days and notifies you in advance after it is processed.
  • The Aer Lingus refund depends on the ticket type, cancellation time, and fare rules applied during booking.
  • You can submit the refund request form and select the bereavement option if you need to cancel the flight due to the bereavement of an immediate family member or traveling companion. You must submit the death certificate in that case for the airline to process the refund.
  • In case of duplicate booking, notify the airline via refund request form within 24 hours of booking. The airline will cancel the last booking and provide you with a refund.

Summing up, you must be clear about the refund policy of Aer Lingus and about how long are Aer Lingus refunds taking? If you still doubt anything or need further information, speak to the Aer Lingus representative.

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