How do I Contact Lufthansa Lost Luggage?

Suppose you are traveling on a Lufthansa flight; after you deplane from the flight and go to collect the luggage, you are not able to find it. So you must be aware of the remedies to avail yourself of such a situation. Lufthansa is a premium airline, and you will receive complete cooperation from customer service on the lost luggage issue. Read the segment below to learn the Lufthansa luggage policy and the process for reporting lost luggage.

Lufthansa baggage policy:

  • Lufthansa suggests passengers strictly follow the maximum weight limits meant for carry-on, checked baggage.
  • No restricted item should be carried in the baggage.
  • No cash, jewelry, or precious items should be carried in the carry-on or checked baggage because if it is lost or damaged, Lufthansa will not compensate for items that have been restricted.
  • If a passenger is traveling with extra baggage, it must be checked in a few hours before the scheduled flight.
  • If the luggage is delayed, damaged, or lost by Lufthansa, it must be immediately reported to the airline in the given ways.
  • Lufthansa will resolve the issues of damaged or lost baggage within a maximum of 7 to 21 days from the date of the report.
  • Under genuine circumstances, Lufthansa will compensate for delayed, damaged, and lost baggage.
  • Lufthansa suggests the passengers to retail all the receipts and flight documents for processing the claim as compensation for lost luggage.

The process to report lost luggage:

At the airport: As soon as you realize that your luggage is missing or you have left a personal item on a Lufthansa flight, immediately walk up to a Lufthansa counter at the airport and report the lost luggage. The reference number of the lost item will be given for tracking the luggage if found. You will also have to share your phone number, registered email address, and residence address for contact.

On the claim form: To report a piece of lost luggage to the customer service of Lufthansa, there is a claim form available for passengers. You can find the contact Lufthansa lost luggage form in the steps given below:

  • Visit the official webpage of Luftnasa at
  • Click on “Help and Contact”
  • Click on the baggage option
  • Select “problems with baggage.” 
  • You can find a contact form 
  • Click on the contact form
  • Fill out the form with complete details of the lost luggage
  • Ensure to enter your correct contact details for information from Lufthansa
  • Submit the form
  • Lufthansa customer service will get back to you with information within a few days.

Report on a call: You can call Lufthansa customer service and inform them about the lost luggage and get appropriate help on the issue. To call on Lufthansa's lost baggage telephone number, do the following:

  • Call +1800 645 38 80
  • Hear the IVR directions 
  • Press the number for reporting lost baggage
  • You can opt to speak to a customer service person.
  • Give the relevant details of the missing or lost item and get the relevant information pertaining to it.

Therefore, if your luggage is lost or misplaced by Lufthansa Airlines, you can choose either of the illustrated ways above to lodge the report.

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