What Is Etihad Airways Pregnancy Policy?

Etihad Airways Pregnancy Policy:- Here is everything to learn:

This is an important thing to understand the pregnancy policy of Etihad Airways. This kind of Airways allows women to travel during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy without a medical certificate. If you have booked a flight ticket with Emirates Airlines. Then travel after 36th week is not allowed. Till when yo get the special allowance from the medical department of the airlines.  That offers everything and the best policy in less than no time.

Some of the policy is listed down.

  • As per Etihad Airways Pregnancy Policy, a woman expecting one or multiple children that can travel without facing any trouble but if you are trying to travel after the end of 36 weeks then traveling is not allowed.
  • Passenger is required to show the certificate with single pregnancy without complications.
  • There is the beginning of 33rd week up to end of 35th week that comes with multiple pregnancies without complication.

Etihad Airways cannot accept expectant mother in their 36the week of pregnancy policy immediately.

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