How To Book Group Travel Ticket For Emirates?

Travel in a group is one of the most wonderful things and especially when you travel via air. But there are only fewer airlines provide the option of traveling in a group and Emirates is one among those where you can travel in a group of 10 or more people on the same flight. Emirates proffer the group travel feature where you can travel in your favorite group of friends and family.

Travel in a group to your favorite places with affordable Emirates Group Travel Process

But there are multiple rules are set by the Emirates in order to book your flight in a group and you will get the maximum benefits when you travel in a group.

Benefits and features of Emirates Group Booking:

  • Get the priority-based and advance check-in.
  • Exclusive check-in counters for your group.
  • Group label tags for luggage.
  • Travel together in a group.
  • On-board welcome announcement for your group.
  • Pr-paid chocolates and beverages.
  • Meals that meet every religious or dietary requirement.
  • Get cabin crew’s instructions in your preferred language.
  • Personalized menus.

All of the above-given benefits you will get on Emirates Group Booking and you will require to book your group travel tickets in order to get these features. You can book a group travel ticket very easily as per the booking process which is set by Emirates.

How to Book Group Travel Tickets for Emirates?

Do you want to make a group booking on Emirates to your preferred routes? Then you can easily do that as per the rules and restrictions prescribed by Emirates for group booking. The process of Emirates Group Travel can only be made offline through the local Emirates office. You will need to follow the below instructions to fulfill the group travel requirements:

  • A group that is traveling on the same itinerary, flight and date must be made up of 10 or more passengers.
  • Meal requirement for each passenger must be conveyed to Emirates 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • Group seating is mandatory to inform at least 7 days from the scheduled departure.
  • For special language cabin crew, it needs to inform 30 days in advance from the scheduled departure.

By following the above-given steps, you can perform Emirates Group Booking process for your group in a very simple way. In case you are still finding any difficulties to make a group booking or have any other query related to group travel, then contact the customer service team of Emirates for the instant help.

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