Pregnancy Policy of Emirates Airlines

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Yes, Emirates Airlines policies cover pregnant women safety in their policies to gift them special assistance during the journey, as it is the prime responsibility of the airline too to take care of everything till they reach their destination. In the standard guideline it is stated that passengers can book a flight up to 29th week of pregnancy until the patient have hadn’t any complications or concern.

In the policies if you are traveling after 29th week of pregnancy, you need to bring medical certificate or letter signed by the doctor.

You will not be accepted on the flight if you travel without these mentioned below things

  • No complications with the patient.
  • Estimated date of delivery.
  • Patient should be good at health condition.
  • You should make the confirmation of singleton or the multiple pregnancy.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to travel after 32nd week of multiple pregnancy.
  • Make sure you have travel insurance which cover in case of labor abroad.
  • Apply for the medical certificate to bring smooth functioning of travel.

Emirates airlines have well-defined policies for the pregnant women to travel. These above policies cover all the important aspects to ease their journey. Be careful with the policies because this is not easy task to travel safe with the airline for Emirates Airlines Pregnancy Policy

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