How To Make Reservations in Egyptair?

Egyptair is the flag carrier airline of Egypt that is headquartered in Cairo International Airport. The airline aims to satisfy passengers in every which way it can and also provides various favorable services that benefit passengers before, during and even after their journey.

Also, Egyptair has introduced two different classes which include Best Fare and Business class. And a passenger can prefer any cabin class while choosing to get Egyptair reservations. But, in case you do not know how to book a flight with this airline then you can follow the steps below.

Knowing About Egyptair Pet Policy!

  • Egyptair is friendly with dogs and cats and allows only them on the aircraft.
  • The pet must but carried in a pet carrier. This pet carrier must be such that the pet can easily stand, move and breathe.
  • The maximum weight allowed on Egyptair should not exceed 8 Kg which comprises of pet and carriage together.
  • The maximum dimension of the cage should be 55 x 40x 20 cm and one animal is allowed inside one cage.
  • Dogs like American terrier, Pitbull, Bulldogs, etc are now allowed with Egyptair. In case, if a pet is overweight then he will be required to travel as checked-in baggage.

And after knowing about the pet policy of Egyptair, you can get Egyptair Pet reservations by contacting the customer support or by filling up the form. Further, to know how to book yourself a seat you can follow the steps below.

Steps to Book Egyptair Seat!

  • Land on a web browser and visit the booking link of the website.
  • Tap on the “Plan and Book” option from the booking link displayed in front of you.
  • Select any one option from a one-way, round trip or multiple trips based on the type of your travel and start to enter the necessary details.
  • These details include travel dates, departing and arriving cities, types of passengers like the number of adults, infants and children and tap “NExt”.
  • A list of flights gets displayed in front of you. And you need to select the suitable flight from the list by tapping on it and then choose the required seat after selecting the cabin class and tap “Next”.
  • Moving on, you will be required to enter personal details like name, contact number, age, date of birth of each passenger and also select the mode of your payment.
  • In case you are paying online, then enter your payment details and proceed to confirm your payment.
  • The confirmation of Egyptair reservations along with baggage and other details will be mailed to you over the email that you entered at the time of booking.

Hence, with the help of the above steps, you can easily choose to book a flight with Egyptair.


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