Does Delta Airlines Offer Senior Citizen Discount?

Everyone likes to save money while traveling to their preferred destination because the airfares increase each minute and each second randomly. But when it comes to senior citizen travel, they always look for an additional discount that most airlines offer their passengers, and Delta Airlines is one of them. Delta Airlines provide senior citizen discounts to those whose age is 65 years or more, and it could be up to 10% or sometimes reaches 20% depending on the fare type or destination. But only a few will know about Delta Airlines' senior citizen discount. If you are looking for an old deal on Delta Airlines, you can go through the mentioned policy and other important things.

What is Delta Airlines Policy for Senior Citizen Discount?

  • Senior citizen discount depends on the availability of seats in that particular class flight on Delta Airlines.
  • You must upload a valid age-proof document when booking a flight ticket or check-in in at the airport.
  • Senior citizen discount on Delta Airlines applies to the limited routes; you can check with their representative or at the official website.
  • If any passenger cannot attach or show the age proof document, then the booking can be denied by Delta Airlines.

Benefits of Delta Airlines Senior Citizen Discount

Delta Airlines offers many benefits to its senior citizen travelers during or after traveling. Some of the most practical benefits are given below:

  • Delta Airlines provides priority-based check-in for senior citizens.
  • One can also make a special assistance request from the airlines.
  • Senior citizens can also get more legroom and sitting space.
  • Delta Airlines also allows selecting a seat at a lower rate.

How to Book Delta Airlines Senior Citizen Discount?

Booking a flight using a senior citizen discount on Delta Airlines is very simple, and if you have never applied for it before, then you can do that very simply with the help of simple steps. If you want to avail of a senior citizen discount Delta Airlines, then you have to go through the below tips or steps to understand it in a better way:

  • It would help if you informed airlines about the senior citizen discount fare when making your flight reservation, and it should be done within 24 hours of that particular flight.
  • You can also get an additional discount on your booking by checking the deals and offers section on the official Delta Airline website.
  • You can book your flight for the senior citizen discount by calling Delta Airlines at 1-800-221-1212, where representatives will help you offer the available discounts.
  • You can also check the official Delta Airlines website to know about the senior citizen discount or avail it to your destination.
  • It is also mandatory to check Delta Airlines' official website or contact the customer service team to determine whether a discount for senior citizens is available.

You will be able to know if Delta offers a senior citizen discount with the help of the information mentioned above. In case you still have any queries, you can contact the customer service team of Delta Airlines for reliable assistance.

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