How To Book Group Travel Ticket For Delta Airlines?

Explain the Method to Group Travel Ticket Booking for Delta

Are you preparing to travel in a group and looking forward to book tickets on Delta Airlines? Delta Airlines is very favorable for the people traveling in a group, as it provides many extra benefits during group booking. Delta Airlines also guarantees cheaper ticket rates for group travel comparing to normal rates. You can simply go for Delta Airlines group booking by filling a travel request form. Or in case you are looking for an easier way, then book the tickets one by one for half group members at a time. However, go through the information given below discussing the steps for group booking of Delta Airlines through both ways.

Steps to book the ticket by filling a group travel request form:

  • Go to Delta website and find group travel request form
  • Open the form and enter the required information about all group members
  • Then send the travel request form for group booking to Delta
  • Next, Delta will send a price quote after processing your group travel request form
  • You will also receive the group travel booking options from Delta
  • Once you are satisfied, proceed towards the final step for booking your group travel tickets
  • At last, Delta will send you a ticket confirmation message for your group travel

Steps to book the tickets without filling travel request form:

  • First, provide the number of half members after choosing the route of travel
  • Next, provide the passenger's details for the half members of the group
  • Enter the contact information and make sure to give the same when booking tickets for another half members
  • Next, choose your payment method and then pay the final booking price
  • Afterward, book ticket for the remaining members of your group in the same way

This way, you can process Delta Airlines group booking. If you are interested in knowing about various benefits to book group travel tickets for Delta Airlines, get in touch with their customer care team for help.

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