Pet Policy Of Cathay Pacific

What Is The Pet Policy Of Cathay Pacific Airlines?

If you are planning to travel somewhere and that too with your pet then it can be little hectic since travelling with pets there is lot of responsibility and care. While travelling you have to make sure that your pet is safe and doesn’t cause problem for your Co passengers. Hong Kong based Cathay Airline is one such major airline connecting Hong Kong international airport with other major destinations across the Globe. Hence if you are planning to travel to Hong Kong with your pet then you can surely book tickets by following Cathay Pacific Pet policy. But before booking tickets you should also know about things that you need to take care about before taking pets on flight.

Things to keep in mind before taking pets on flight:

  • Before taking any pet on flight plan out the entire travel. Never make any impromptu plans with your pets.
  • Make sure your pet is locked inside a well built cage that doesn’t open
  • While taking your pet, be sure it is not sick or allergic to any unfavorable condition.
  • Get him/her fully checked from Vet and get a medical fitness certificate from the doctor
  • While booking tickets go through all the rules and regulations regarding taking pets on board
  • Once you know about the things to keep in mind while taking pets, you should also know how to book flight ticket in Cathay Airlines.

Steps to Book Flight Ticket in Cathay Pacific Airlines:

  • Cathay Airlines only allows small pets like dogs or cats on board
  • Before taking your pet on flight you need to produce a medical fitness certificate during Boarding
  • Usually Cathay allows taking small pets on seat if you are taking a small flight
  • But if you are taking a long flight then you might have to shift them in cargo flight
  • If you are booking immediate flight then do it at least 48 hours before flight’s departure while travelling with pets
  • Make sure to inform the cabin crew of the flight about carrying pet so that they can keep the temperature of flight under control
  • Make sure to keep the cage a little open so that pet can breathe properly
  • Your ticket would be booked on the basis of first come first serve.
  • Hence book your seats before only

Therefore you can easily book flight tickets with Cathay Airlines and travel with your pet comfortably. Moreover if you have any doubt or question related to booking rules for pets then you can call up on Cathay’s customer support number.

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