Is Aer Lingus Provide Refund on flight cancellation?

Aer Lingus is an Irish airline that operates to numerous destinations around the world. This airline allows all the passengers to obtain a refund for the flights which are cancelled by the Aer Lingus website. The refund is always given as per the official rules related to the airline when it cancels any flight in which you have made the booking.

What is the Aer Lingus refund policy for the cancelled flight?

To obtain the complete information of the Aer Lingus giving refunds for Cancelled flights, you need to know the rules of the refund policy. Here, you should follow these important points which are given here:

  • Cancellation which is made by the airline due to a technical fault can cause you some issues. In this case, the refund is provided to you by using the free rebooking method.

  • In the above case, if you are not ready to get rebooking, you will obtain the vouchers which you can use in the future.

  • Sometimes, flights are cancelled due to bad weather, in this case, the passenger will get the refund in monetary form.

  • The cancellation of your booking due to overbooking allows you to get a free seat on the next available flight.

  • Irrespective of the cancellation reason, you will receive the refund in the original form of the payment.

  • The refund is provided in 7 to 20 business days from the date on which you become eligible to obtain the booking refund.

Some users still face a lot of trouble to gain a refund from this airline. They should adopt the method to use the Aer Lingus Customer Service Number. With this method, you can easily talk to the live person of this airline and make him aware of the booking refund issue which you are facing.

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