Pregnancy Policy Of American Airlines

Pregnant and Want to Travel? Fly with American Airlines!

American airline is such an airline which welcomes passengers of all ages and all conditions. So, if you are a pregnant woman and wish to have vacational pregnancy then prefer travelling with American airlines. This airline is present and offers all possible assistance required to would-be mother. But before booking the tickets, do not forget to check the pregnancy policy by American airlines. And this is discussed below.

Get to Know About Pregnancy Policy by American Airlines!

  • It might be risky for pregnant women to travel, hence American airlines prefer a lady passenger if she is in her 28th week of pregnancy.
  • Also, American airlines will be looking for a written doctor consultation for the woman to be fit to travel. And then the woman will be allowed to fill MEDIF form.
  • Women with complications in their pregnancy may not be allowed to travel internationally or on a long haul flight. However, they would be allowed on a domestic flight but will be required proper doctor consultation.
  • No women will be allowed to travel within a week of her delivery date.
  • Also, if a woman is eligible to travel then she will be asked to present her medical documents to double-check and verify to avoid any mishappenings.
  • American airline even offers a flight attendant to these women while in the sky above to make them feel better and comfortable. This is offered on request.

Therefore, with the help of some important points above, we hope that you have a comfortable and safe journey with American Airlines. And in case you require any more information on American Airlines pregnancy policy then you are free to contact customer support.

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      • Thank you for sharing this American Airlines pregnant policy information. This will help to make travel easy to any pregnant women..
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