Pet Policy of Air Italy

How To Carry Pets On Air Italy Flight: Pet Policy

Almost every airline in the world allows pets in its flights. In the same way, many passengers also love to travel with their furry friends due to various reasons. When it comes to Air Italy, the airline is pretty famous for its services but most importantly the airline does allow passengers to bring their pets on its flights. However, there are certain guidelines that are specified by this second largest Italy-based airline that passengers must know before bringing their pets onboard. So, read this article further to know more about its pet policy.

Major Guidelines From The Pet Policy Of Air Italy

As per the pet policy of Air Italy, the airline does not allow passengers to bring their pets on all its flights. However, passengers can contact their reservation center to reserve their pet’s reservations depending on the availability on selected flights.

Pets in Checked Baggage

Pets are allowed in Air Italy cabins, however, the fee of carrying pets may vary from 40-70 EUR depending on the type of flights and the specified weight limit is 10 kg or 22 lbs. the dimensions for the pet carrier must not exceed more than 19" x 13" x 11" or 48 cm x 33 cm x 29 cm.

Pets In Cabin

If you are travelling with your pets in the cabin then the dimensions requirements must meet or else your pet will be considered as the checked baggage.

If your pets are younger than 3 months and still haven’t received the anti-rabies vaccination then they will be not allowed to travel into flight travelling to/from Italy or Europe.

Furthermore, you must contact customer support to obtain more information on Air Italy Pet Policy and get your queries resolved. Hope the discussed information has been beneficial to you.

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