Pet Policy of Air Arabia

Everything that you need to know about Air Arabia pet policy

Do you love your furry friend and wish to travel with them to various locations? Well, the idea of traveling might seem quite difficult for some people as most of the airlines don’t offer the option of pet travel. However, there are a few flag carrier airlines that offer pet policy to the passengers which include Air Arabia.

So, for the passengers who are willing to travel with pets by Air Arabia here, they will be offered with the complete details on Air Arabia Pet Policy. Further, the passengers can even contact the reservation department of the airline to get complete details.

What is the Air Arabia pet policy?

For the passengers who are not aware, it is a policy that allows passengers to easily travel with the pets on-board. However, the airline has introduced a few conditions that one requires to fulfill before traveling with their pet which include:

  • For the passengers traveling with pets, it is required that their reservation is booked at least 48 hours before the departure.
  • Further, for those traveling with pets, the seat will be allocated to them which are located far from the emergency exit.
  • The airlines permit traveling with one falcon. In case, if the passenger travels with more than one falcon they are required to book extra seats.
  • Besides, the pets are charged three times more baggage fare.
  • Also, a maximum of two pets are allowed per extra seat.
  • Moreover, the passengers are not offered with additional baggage allowance for the extra seats purchased for their pets.

Main terms and policies for the transportation of pets

  • It is required that the age of the pet is at least 8 weeks. In case, if the age of the pet is less than 8 weeks, then Air Arabia doesn’t allow the transportation of pets.
  • Also, it is required that the reservation for the pet is booked on the same flight through which the passenger is traveling.
  • However, for the passengers whose trip includes connecting flights with other airlines are not permitted to travel with pets.

Carry-on baggage terms for pets

As per the airline policy, the passenger can travel with pets on-board on selective weekdays which one can confirm by contacting the reservation department of the airline. Besides, these are the few pointers of the Pet Policy of Air Arabia that one needs to keep in mind:

  • Only one pet is allowed per container and cage.
  • Further, only one pet is allowed per passenger. For traveling with more than one pet, the passenger needs to contact the reservation department of the airline.
  • Also, children whose age is 11 or less are not allowed to travel with the pets on-board.

Besides, for the passengers who have queries regarding the dimension of the carriage and cage, here are the pointers that one needs to know.

Terms and conditions for pet cage and container

  • As per the pet policy, the passenger is permitted to carry a maximum of 3 cages on-board.
  • Further, the material of the cage should be wood, plastic, or metal.
  • It is required in which the pet is traveling is clean and hygienic.
  • The total dimension of the container should not exceed 13X17X7.5 inches.
  • Also, the total weight of the cage and container should not exceed 20 lbs.

Cost for traveling with pets

The passengers traveling with pets are required to pay a fee to the airline for each way and will be dependent on the excess baggage fare. Besides, here are the details about the standard charged to the passengers traveling with pets:

  • For passengers traveling by domestic flights, they are required to pay US$25 per cage and container.
  • And for the international flights, the passenger is required to pay US$125 per cage and container. 

Besides, if the passenger still has any queries regarding Air Arabia Pet Policy they can contact the reservation department of the airline for help.

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