Cancellation Policy of Aeromexico Airlines

What is The Cancellation Policy of Aeromexico Airlines?

If you are looking for the information about Aeromexico Airlines cancellation policy then you are at the right place. Aeromexico is one of those airlines who completely understand its passenger need that is why they allow flight cancellation in emergency situation. Aeromexico Airlines passengers need to follow few simple steps to cancel their ticket online on their website. Here you will get complete information about the terms & conditions of Aeromexico Airlines cancellation policy and the steps to perform online cancellation.

Terms & Conditions of Aeromexico Cancellation Policy:

  • Aeromexico Airlines passengers can apply free cancellation with them for those flights that are originally booked within 24 hours.
  • If you apply for cancellation after 24 hours from original booking then you will be obliged to pay a certain amount of cancellation fee to Aeromexico Airlines.
  • Once your flight is cancelled submit refund request to Aeromexico Airlines then only you will be eligible to get back the refund of the remaining ticket amount.
  • Aeromexico Airlines cancellation policy allows the passengers to cancel only those flights that are original booked directly with the airlines.
  • Aeromexico Airlines passengers can apply for cancellation either online through manage booking or by contacting their reservation center.
  • Aeromexico Airlines provide full refund to the passengers in the original payment mode. If cancellation fee is applied then the refund is given after deducting such amount from ticket value.

Aeromexico online ticket cancellation steps:

  • Go to Aeromexico website from your browser and find My Trips option
  • Click to open My Trips page and enter your ticket booking number in the given field
  • After that provide the last name of passenger and then tap find button
  • Once your Aeromexico Airlines bookings open select the one among them that you wish to cancel
  • Then click cancel button given there and pay cancellation fee if applied on your cancelled ticket
  • Aeromexico Airlines will send you a message regarding the details of your cancelled flight

The main point regarding cancellation policy Aeromexico are discussed above. If still there are some doubts in your mind about Aeromexico cancellation policy clear them out by contacting their customer support.

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