What is Baggage Policy for American Airlines?

Guide to Know About Baggage Policy for American Airlines

The major and the primary thing which comes to mind is the baggage during our travel. So, before you get on to your travel, it is better to know the baggage policy that American Airlines holds. If you are here to travel on American Airlines and think about the baggage you should carry, get all the information about the baggage below.

As per the baggage policy for American Airlines, the passengers are allowed to carry on one handbag during the flight entry along with one personal item, checked luggage, and sports equipment, if any. Depending upon the kind of luggage you carry, the airline charges a particular fee for extras.

Weight and Size Conditions

  • There are dimensions that every passenger is allowed to carry in terms of their bags of about 46-120 inches in which the wheels and handles are also included.
  • The bag that you carry on the flight should fit in the bin/section given to the passengers to keep.
  • If the passenger is carrying a personal item, make sure that it should fit in the below cabin given to keep stuff.
  • If you booked a Bulkhead seat, keep in mind that there is no space to store your carry-on baggage.

Checked-Baggage Information

  • The dimensions of having checked baggage with you at the airport are about 63-120 inches. The number of bags which the passengers can carry is about 2-10 bags.
  • The weight of checked baggage is up to 50-70 pounds, which the passengers can carry with them on the flight.

American Airlines Baggage Charges

As per the baggage policy of American Airlines, the baggage fee of the passenger totally depends upon the fare type that they have booked with the airline, along with the route and the destination.

  • If the passenger is flying on a US domestic flight of American Airlines, it might cost you around $30USD-$50USD for the first and second baggage.
  • For the destinations like Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, the charges may apply to around $30USD for first baggage and $40USD for second baggage.
  • For the Brazil-going passengers, there is no need to pay a baggage fee of any kind to American Airlines.
  • South- American passengers are allowed to carry their luggage without paying a certain fee to the airlines.
  • For transatlantic visitors, there is a free cost of first checked baggage, and then for the second baggage, the passengers need to pay around $100 to American Airlines as a baggage fee.
  • If you are a Transpacific going passenger, then also you do not need to pay any kind of extra charge or charge to the airlines. Enjoy the free baggage service for your travel.

So, The above are some of the terms and conditions that American Airlines baggage policy includes for travelers. If you want to know more about the baggage or if there is any query to clear regarding your luggage, feel free to contact the customer care service of American Airlines and resolve all the queries that you have.

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