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Hong Kong is one of the major cities in Southeastern China which is best known for its historical and wonderful attractions. Hong Kong is count as the 5th expensive city in the world that makes it more luxurious and full sources of enjoyment. Hong Kong has more than 250+ islands that provide an amazing and beautiful view during the day and night. Hong Kong International Airport is the nearest airport to Hong Kong. Every year, millions of passengers visit Hong Kong and explore the beauties.

Major Attractive Places of Hong Kong

There are lots of tourist’s attractions to visit in Hong Kong. You can book Cheap flights to Hong Kong and very easily visit the below attractions:

  • Hong Kong heritage museum.
  • Sham Sui Phoas.
  • Hong Kong Disneyland.
  • Lantau Island.
  • Victoria Park.
  • Old town central art walk.
  • Clocktower.
  • Temple street night market.
  • Ocean Park.

Getting Around Hong Kong

There are multiple sources to visit Hong Kong that you can avail during the travel and getting to and from Hong Kong: There is a very popular peak tram that runs the Peak and covers almost 370 meters by climbing. You can also book last minute flight to Hong Kong because lots of airlines carrier proffer their flight services to Hong from its nearest airport Hong Kong International Airport. You can also choose the taxi service to reach the Hong Kong.

Best time to visit Hong Kong

Peak Season:

Spring counts as the peak seasons to visit Hong Kong and can also be considered as the best time to visit. In this season, the weather becomes most wonderful and become sticky during the season of summer. Hong Kong always welcomes their tourists as the whole year and you can book last minute flights to Hong Kong and very easily enjoy the attractions during this season.

Off Season:

Winter is the best season when only fewer tourists visit Hong Kong. If you will book tickets during this season, then you can very easily enjoy every tourist spot. The price of flight also decrease during this season and you can choose any airlines carrier during the offseason.

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